Moria (moria73) wrote in canliberals,

LPCO AGM & leadership

Just got back from the LPCO convention in Toronto.
A fun time had by all.
Most impressive was the way the current leadership race played into the convention. A generally good performance by all the candidates. And, more impressive, was the fact that, throughout the whole weekend, there was no, none, zero negativity surrounding the race. Supporters of every candidate mixed and mingled freely, chatting and socializing. There were often minor debates and comparing of pros and cons, but always in a constructive and friendly fashion. There was no trash talking of any candidate, no putting down or snubbing of anyone because of their choice of candidate. It was just so upliftingly positive. I really think the Party is getting over the acrimony of recent years and moving forward.

And the lunch speech by Bill Graham very very impressive. I hope the media has been showing clips from it.

So, who's chosen their candidate yet?
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