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Scott Brison and Michael Ignatieff

Scott came and talked to us about his vision for a good while, half of which I missed for my class. Overall though, I was rather impressed. He's good with a crowd, has a cute maritime accent, and he came off as pretty straightforward and honest. however, as said above, I did miss most of his spiel.
I still have some reservations about him, namely his youth and relative inexperience, and how the rest of Canada would react to his sexuality. That last really doesn't seem fair, and I know that it isn't, but I think that it would matter to many Canadians and could be a liability. My vote on Brison is next leadership race.
(I'd had some specific points to say, but it's been a week and I've forgotten)

Ignatieff was around yesterday. again, I missed his main speech, and could only stay for about 15 minutes. I was disappointed. People keep telling me that he is just going to win anyway, and that he's so great, and I didn't find him impressive. Not bad by any means, but he was nothing special. Some people questioned his accuracy on some of his responses, like why he returned to Canada, his position on torture, and so on. He has some touching personal stories about being a reporter in Iraq and Afghanistan which he uses to explain his support of the Iraq war. He explained that, as an individual, he had no responsibility except to himself for his views on the war. Had he been an elected official, as he is now, he would have gone about the whole thing differently. This seems completely reasonable to me.
Still, my overall impression was nothing special. I certainly don't think he's the next Trudeau, and of the candidates I've met, I think Dion and Godfrey would be better.

Any comments?
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